Sheraton Westport Chalet Hotel St. Louis Missouri August 26th-28th 2022


Worth the wait

With the ongoing Pandemic and the uncertainty of just how our event will be able to run this year we have worked closely with the venue and have come to a mutual agreement to move our September event to August of 2022.

We believe this allows Kokorokon ample time to focus on putting on an amazing convention while also being safe and mindful of the current ongoing pandemic. Badges purchased will be automatically rolled over to 2022, with refunds upon request sent to info@kokorokon.com

We know this may upset some, as it's never news any convention goer wants to hear, but we do look forward to seeing you in August of 2022 and bringing to the Saint Louis area a convention you'll come to love for years to come!

In the meantime please follow us on Social media to join our Livestream chats, giveaways, and to stay up to date on announcements as they happen.

We appreciate your ongoing support and excitement for Kokorokon. See you next year!

— Ari, Kokorokon Head of Operations

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Looking to join our convention family? Whether you are looking to learn some new skills, or to lend your talents to the team, we would LOVE to hear from you!

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Interested in being a panelist at Kokorokon? Please visit the link below to learn more about hosting a panel with us, and to complete the form when it goes live!

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Our convention is accepting volunteers to help out in various areas of the convention. For more information, and to sign up to volunteer, click the button.

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If you are an Artist or Exhibitor who is interested in vending with us please click the button below! 

You'll find more information as well as the application form.

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Be our Guest!


Let us know who you would like to see as a guest at Kokorokon here! If you are interested in being a guest please start here.

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Are you a cosplayer? We would love to see lot's of cosplayers at our event next year! We have some general convention rules and cosplay policies you can view by clicking the button below. If you are interested in being a Cosplay Guest you can complete the form!