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Here is a list of all the departments that Kokorokon offers for you to join! Please note that not all departments may be recruiting. Availability varies from year to year.

Access Control

To provide courteous and general crowd control to the attendees at Kokorokon. Key duties include line management.


A/V Technician

To aid the A/V department lead setting up panel room(s) technology and audio, assist with lighting rigs as well as live sound setup. In addition, you may be requested to monitor live sound during main event concerts or panels. 


Con Ops

In charge of assisting all participants of Kokorokon with any general inquiries. Key responsibilities include but not limited to filling out and logging incident reports, supporting anyone with ADA needs, and misc. tasks.



To provide a fun and safe place for attendees to enjoy all forms of electronic gaming. Key duties include check in/out of games, assist with set-up and breakdown of the event room, routing cleaning and managing/hosting game tournaments.


Flex Posse

Flex Posse is designed to be an elite set of flexible A/V technicians who will provide technical assistance when requsted or as needed. Primarily intended to support and address technical emergencies. Flex Posse will be assigned to support panel rooms, active/team events and media signage.


Gopher Gang

Gopher Gang is designed to be a team of volunteers and staff who will perform odd jobs during the convention weekend, provide breaks for staff and volunteers, and fill in for missing shifts where needed.



To create dynamic, fun, and engaging musical events and provide a safe, welcoming, and inclusive space to those who love performing and music.


Manga & Quiet Lounge

The Manga & Quiet Lounge department oversees the curation and execution of lounge services related to a Manga Cafe and/or Quiet Zone. 


Plans & Intel

To provide metrics for Kokorokon events by performing regularly scheduled counts of attendees in various areas. These metrics are used to make decisions for future Kokorokon events. 



To ensure the registration process is conducted with professionalism for general attendees, vendors, artist alley participants, press and industry. Duties during the convention weekend may include sales, cash handling, handling badge pick-up, coordinating distribution of swag bags, line control and answering registration inquiries.



To provide a presence in the event space, work with the security lead and the hotel staff and local law enforcement as needed. To uphold and keep safety a #1 priority for our attendees, staff, and guests.


Silent Auction

The Silent Auction team ensures a smooth operation by properly logging auction item donations, managing the auction table during the convention weekend, assisting with communications, and helping with set-up/break down of the event.



To provide a fun and safe place for attendees to enjoy all forms of tabletop and card games. Bring the energy, good vibes and enthusiasm by joining in on games or playing with others that are interested in games. Key duties include check in/out of games, assist with set-up and breakdown of the room, managing/hosting game tournaments and cleaning areas of the room after/between game play.

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