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Sailorstarmony (Estelle) is a 23 year old plus size cosplayer born and raised in St. Louis. They attended their first convention 9 years ago, reusing a homemade Dark Jewel (Shugo Chara) costume, and immediately fell in love with cosplaying. Due to ready-made plus size cosplays being more expensive and harder to find, they have spent their years perfecting their sewing skills and they make almost all of their cosplays from scratch, and they always find an excuse to add extra embellishments whenever they can. Along with sewing, they also enjoy all of the other aspects of cosplaying like makeup, wig styling, and prop making.

They are most known for their Rose Quartz cosplay from Steven Universe and they currently hold the top 3 Rose Quartz cosplay videos on the Tik Tok hashtag. They cosplay from a variety of fandoms but have a tendency to cosplay all of the pink characters.

Estelle is super excited to have the opportunity to be a guest at Kokorokon and to bring some body diversity and plus size representation to cosplay guests.