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The crew from Kokorokon Space Explorer are stranded on a familiar planet...400 years in the future! A distress signal has been activated, but who will heed their call for help? Will YOU?!
That's a lot of smiley faces!
We'll be as careful as we ca-
Rodger that, Hana! I've got Skylar with me to check out the zone :D :D :D
GROUP LOG 111322
What?! It's just the right amount what do you mean?!
Be careful exploring zone d, Leon. We don't know if that area is safe...
We got this guys! Teamwork makes the dream work!
Just BE CAREFUL! I'm still repairing the med bot and it will take some time to get over to you guys if you get hurt.
Skylar watch me clear this creek in one jump!
It is pretty excessive...especially since this mission is dangerous and we have no idea what to expect.
Type here...
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