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Folxy Cosplay is a multi-award winning, master-level cosplayer based out of the Kansas City area.
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She specializes in over the top costumes and loves to inspire others. Her forte is sewing, foam work, metal work, 3D printing, fur and more! She’s got everything from your favorite video game characters, movie characters, monsters, and more!


Panels at Kokorokon

Knowing your 5 Ws of cosplay... and How

Join Folxy Cosplay and Stay at Foam Dad Creations as they discuss starting a cosplay.

Friday at 2:30pm in Main Events

Is bigger always better? Pros and cons of oversized cosplays

Come join cosplay guest Folxy Cosplay as she talks about cosplay props! Learn effective ways to make your props safe, lighter, and of course bigger!

Saturday at 11am in Panel Room 1

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