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Formal clothing is requested at this event. Examples are dress, suit, button-down shirt, or dress slacks with blouse. Use of prop items or accessories such as fashion masks, fans, or gloves is allowed.

So, you probably have a few questions about the formal ball, well I'm here to answer them!

Firstly! the formal ball will be hosted Friday night of Kokorokon, but before that, we will be hosting dance lessons for anyone who is interested. Anyone and everyone are welcome no matter their age.

This is a ballroom-style dance with some slower songs to dance to so grab a partner and bring your dancing shoes. Don't be afraid to ask someone for a dance! It is a great time to make friends. 

We will be aiming for formal attire for this dance, so feel free to get dressed up in those beautiful ball gowns or fancy suits and come join in on all the fun! 

We will also be snapping photos during the formal ball for you to enjoy looking back on later.

Any questions reach out to our Formal Ball Coordinator Elizabeth Reynolds, or on Discord(Zezzie#2866)


1. This is a dance and we want everyone to have fun, so please be kind and courteous to others, treat others how you'd like to be treated.

2. Please don't tear down any decorations put up by the staff.

3. Stay hydrated. Water stations will be placed inside the room and outside for you to use. Please make sure to drink water.

4. Formal attire, although not enforced, is very much encouraged! We are working to make this a more formal dance event vs our Saturday night
dance event. Enjoy cosplaying? Why not cosplay as your favorite character in a formal suit or gown?! Photographs will be taken!

5. No outside food/drinks will be allowed into the formal ball. 

6. Please be sure to leave this event with everything you came with. Lost items will be turned into ConOps.

7. Children under the age of 13 should be accompanied by an adult. 

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