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We would love to have you join us!

Many people help make a convention possible. From the attendees who purchase the badges, the hotel staff who take care of the venue, to the guests who come out to attend. At its core, a convention can only happen if it has great staff and leaders to put on the event itself.

We have both Staff and Volunteer opportunities available for Kokorokon. We would love to invite you into our little family, and to have your help in putting this event on!


We are looking for:


Friendly and outgoing individuals. We have a strong focus on Friendships and Family here.


People who are willing to learn and who aren't afraid to try new things! 


People with strong passions who would like to offer any skills they have to the convention!


Those interested in learning more of the behind the scenes to a convention/event planning

If any of those sounds like you then please apply! We have various staffing positions available on the form below in different departments of the convention. Volunteering at our convention is also a great way to support the convention and help out while also getting some nice perks!

We look forward to working with you! Our Volunteer and Staff Lead will be in touch shortly after you complete either form.

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