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This year we’re excited to bring you a selection of 100+ board games for gamers of all ages and experience levels! Our gaming staff and volunteers will be happy to help you find a game to suit your interests, or teach you how to play!

Sign up to host a game:

This form is to sign up to teach or host a board game at Kokorokon 2023!  You will bring the game and any supplies necessary to play (we can supply certain things like pencils and paper for score sheets).  Fill out this form to let us know when you'd like to host your game, how long the game will take, and how many players you can accommodate!  Once we receive your info, the Tabletop team will then reach out to confirm everything with you!

DM a one-shot adventure:

This form is to sign up as a DM (Dungeon Master) to lead a one-shot adventure at Kokorokon 2023.  We are looking for experienced DMs who are willing to patiently guide players of all experience levels through whatever quest you have in store!  Just fill out this form to give us some basic info about what you have planned, how long it will take, how many players can participate etc, and our Tabletop team will reach out to confirm everything and get your adventure scheduled!

Room Hours:

Friday: 1:30pm-12am

Saturday: 10am-12am

Sunday: 10am-1:30pm

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