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Sakura Bunny Maid Café is a family-friendly pop-up entertainment café based in the St. Louis, Missouri area. We were established in Nov. 2020 by Head Maids Mouse and Morticia as an online group that did online social gaming events with our guests! However, now we have been able to bring that online experience into an in-person event for a second year with the help of Kokorokon!

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Our goal is to bring an Akihabara inspired maid café experience to America and share our love for the culture and world of cute maids and butlers! We also strive to create a safe space for everyone regardless of their age, race, identity, disability, any of that! Anyone who is open to joining a positive community is welcome at our cafe. We await everyone with open arms.

Event Details:

When are Sessions? There is a total of twelve sessions throughout the weekend. 

4 on Friday

6 on Saturday

2 on Sunday

How do I sign up for a session? When you pick up your tickets at Con Ops, you will be able to sign up for a session!

Desserts Served:

Fudge Brownie Pops

Strawberry Cream Horns

Macarons (Variety)

819 Henry St.
Alton, IL 62002

3202 Nameoki Road

Granite City, IL 62040


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