The Kokorokon Cosplay Contest and Masquerade is Saturday’s premiere costuming event! Come cheer on your friends or become a part of the show!


Participants will showcase their craftsmanship skills from many genres of costuming or their unique designs and performances for all to see! 


Official rules for entree may be found to the right, as well as the sign-up form. Guest judges and prize information may be found below!

We also have a hall costume contest on Friday and Saturday, information on that may also be found below.

Kokorokon Cosplay and Masquerade Rules

Questions about cosplaying at Kokorokon may be directed at

Guest Judges

Kokorokon invites anywhere from 2-5 cosplay guests each year. These guest judges will help determine the winners of the masquerade!

Learn more about each guest by clicking on their image to the right. [coming soon!]

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Hall Costume Contest

The hall costume contest is a free event for badge holders to enter on both Friday and Saturday! It's a no-stress contest where all you have to do is stop by ConOps to have your photo taken and a little information so we can get in contact with you should you win. That's it! Easy right?

Friday times:


Saturday times:


Categories to win under

Adult handmade

Adult store bought

Judges Choice 1

Judges Choice 2

Child handmade

Child store bought

Judges Choice 1

Judges Choice 2

Prizes to win

Arda-Wigs gift card

EpicCosplay gift card

Amazon gift card

Free badge to Kokorokon 2023

DISCLAIMERS AND MEDIA RELEASE: By entering the Kokorokon Cosplay Masquerade or hall costume contest contestants agree to allow video recording and photography of their costumes, which may be used in future promotions of Kokorokon that may be uncredited. All captured materials become the property of Kokorokon. Acquired materials may be used in social media, news outlets, youtube, and other marketing materials not specified without informing the contestant. By participating in the Kokorokon Masqueradeor hall costume contest in any capacity, you are agreeing to allow your image to be used for these purposes and release Kokorocon from all liability. By entering the Kokorokon Cosplay Masquerade or hall costume contest contestants understand that the published contest awards may be adjusted, changed, or withheld pending complaint resolution or for any reason deemed appropriate by the contest administrators.