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Cosplay is for EVERYONE!

The Kokorokon Cosplay Contest and Masquerade is Saturday’s premiere costuming event! Come cheer on your friends and family or become a part of the show!


Participants will showcase their craftsmanship skills from many genres of costuming or their unique designs and performances for all to see! Kokorokon is dedicated to providing a safe and fun environment for all fans.


All rules and regulations are written with that goal in mind while also maintaining all the guidelines necessitated by our gracious venue and the city of Maryland Heights. We appreciate your cooperation in this.

Kokorokon Cosplay and Masquerade Rules

Questions about cosplaying at Kokorokon may be directed at

DISCLAIMERS AND MEDIA RELEASE: By entering the Kokorokon Cosplay Masquerade contestants agree to allow video recording and photography of their costumes, which may be used in future promotions of Kokorokon that may be uncredited. All captured materials become the property of Kokorokon. Acquired materials may be used in social media, news outlets, youtube, and other marketing materials not specified without informing the contestant. By participating in the Kokorokon Masquerade in any capacity, you are agreeing to allow your image to be used for these purposes and release Kokorocon and it’s employees from all liability. By entering the Kokorokon Cosplay Masquerade contestants understand that the published contest awards may be adjusted, changed, or withheld pending complaint resolution or for any reason deemed appropriate by the contest administrators.