Frequently Asked Questions About Kokorokon

What, When and Where is Kokorokon 2022?

Kokorokon 2022 will take place over 3 days, August 26-28th, 2022 at the Sheraton Westport Chalet Hotel at 191 W Port Plaza Dr., St. Louis, MO 63146. Kokorokon is an anime convention that is all about American and Japanese animation and culture, gaming (video games, table top and card games), cosplay and furries. General operating hours are from 5 PM Thursday to 5 PM Sunday, with some events running later into the evening (dances, music events, karaoke, eGaming).

Can I sign up to volunteer?

Absolutely! Please see our Volunteer and Staff page and you will find more information and the form to complete. Visit the page here!

Can Children Attend Kokorokon?

Kokorokon is for everyone of all ages. 2022 will be our first year in St. Louis, but alike our other convention started by the con chairs, we are focused on bringing together fans at every age.

Is Kokorokon an Event Only for Children?

Not at all! In addition to some great all-ages events, including concerts, panels, events, cosplay, eGaming and Tabletop tournaments and much more, we have specific events targeted at smaller kids (workshops and panels for kids), as well as events for the older folks (late night panels and events, late night targeted programming, several EDM events).

Where Can I Stay for the Convention?

Please see the Hotels section of the website. Also, familiarize yourself with the Location section in relation to your hotel. Parking is available near the main hotel.

How Can I Get to the Convention from the Airport?


Will there be a Map of Convention Groups and Information about Events Available?

Yes, maps and schedules will be available on the website shortly before the convention and at the convention in our handy-dandy program booklets. Some detailed information about specific events will be available in your registration packet in the form of handouts. Looking for a place to host meetups or photo shoots? Check out the Photo Locations page.

Are There Places to Eat Around the Convention?

There are numerous restaurants in the vicinity of the hotel. There are several table service and fast food options inside the hotel and nearby areas.

I am Under 16 Years Old/Do Not Have a Form of ID, Why do I Need a Guardian to Sign In with Me?

Kokorokon is held in St. Louis, the heart of a large-sized metropolitan area, and we would not want anything to happen to any of our attendees. Minors are always welcome to attend the convention, but Kokorokon is an entertainment event, not a babysitting service. We encourage parents to accompany their kids when at the convention, and suggest that families take some time while in St. Louis to see some of the attractions in the local area. We have no way to verify identity for registration if an attendee does not have a valid, identifiable form of ID, so we require that attendees without IDs have a friend (18 or older) or parent/guardian to sign in with them.

I Have Disabilities/Small Children/Medical Conditions, How Can I Manage at Kokorokon?

Check out the accommodations provided by the venue and information on what to do at Kokorokon if you have disabilities, special needs, are pregnant, or have small children.

How do I Register for Kokorokon?

Up on the navigation bar you'll see the ' Register' page. Simply click that to be transported to the page! Remember: The earlier you pre-reg the cheaper the badge!

Can I Sign Up to Host a Panel?

Yes you can! You may feel free to sign up to host multiple panels as well! Panelists who get accepted and do 4+ hours will be considered for badge reimbursement or a free pass to the following year of Kokorokon! Panels can be fandom related, informative, discussions, workshop, or considered an active panel (i.e. Cosplay Chess or Anime Jeopardy would fall into this class). Panel submissions always open the first week of November. So be sure to check back when they open to submit your panel!

Does Koko offer Table Swaps with Other Conventions?

Kokorokon is accepting con table swaps for 2022! To sign up for a table swap please with your event please email us at! Our swap includes one table in a high traffic area, 2 chairs, and up to 4 badges for your staff at our convention. We will also include your events logo and URL on our website under the convention swap page, as well as make social media posts about your event and Dokidokon being there.