Photoshoots Header.gif

Are you a cosplayer?

Here at Kokorokon we believe cosplay is for everyone! We invite you to submit photoshoot requests for various fandoms, and we will look into placing some official photoshoots on the schedule! 

These are a perfect way to meet other fans in your favorite fandoms, show off your costume, and get some photos taken!


Are you a photographer?

Photographers who plan on attending Kokorokon and booking paid photoshoots with attendees will need to be approved by Kokorokon first and purchase a photographer badge.

This includes paid photoshoots both within the convention space and outside on the property. 

Those who refuse to go through this process and who are found to be booking unapproved paid photoshoots will not be allowed entry to our convention.


Are you press?

Are you interested in helping cover our event? We invite press and media to contact us to inquire about a free press badge.

Those covering the convention as press will need to meet one or more of the criteria on the form in order to qualify for the free badge.

This press badge offers behind-the-scenes access and upon request and provided it can be worked out, access to exclusive interviews with Kokorokon's guests.