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Hailing from Aurora, Illinois, DJ 0s0 has been hitting the anime convention scene since 2016 across the midwest playing some of the best hits including hip-hop and edm. This will be DJ 0s0's first time at Kokorokon, but he's been DJing at our sister convention Dokidokon since 2022!


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My Story

DJ 0s0 began his music career with percussion playing the drums in middle school.  Those drum beats have continued to keep time for him through the years.  He transitioned into DJing around the time he turned 20, with a simple table he began his evolution into the 0s0 we know today.  He traveled the underground and house party scene for two years until his public breakout at his first Anime convention in 2011.  
From then on, DJ 0s0's commitment to the con and DJ world has been ironclad.  Over the years he has permeated the con world and traveled across the Midwest to spin, oversee and coordinate entire raves, judge auditions, and host or appear at private events.  With his own DJ company, Grouchy Bear Productions, 0s0 has been making waves and building lifelong bonds with friends and con-goers alike.  

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