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Award-winning cosplayer with a specialty in sewing and Worbla.
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I first began to cosplay in 2014 with a purchased costume of Cinderella and a second of Sailor Moon. I quickly realized that, to get the fit and quality I was looking for, I needed to start making my own cosplays. Since, I have grown my skillset so that I now create costumes from scratch, including custom pattern making. I promote body positivity and mental health within the community, while also teaching others the craft of costume creation.

Panels at Kokorokon

Sailor Moon Trivia

Come test your knowledge in this ultimate Sailor Moon challenge. Answer questions correctly to win points. The player with the most points wins the grand prize!

Friday at 5pm in Panel Room 1

Corset Making - Where to start?

Learn about the basics of corset making, including style, functionality, and materials. Then try your hand at making your own basic corset pattern.

Saturday at 6:30 in Panel Room 2

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