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Welcome to Team Events! Here you will find yourself faced with challenges testing your physical attributes as well as your intellectual stamina. You and your team must band together and combine your skills to overcome these challenges!


You have the chance to earn points for your team at each event as you compete for head to head with your opposing teams. Another way to earn points for your team is in the Scavenger Hunt! The hunt will challenge your detective skills and your creativity in the nearly one hundred diverse missions! Are you up for the challenges ahead?


Find out more about our scavenger hunt here!

How to choose a team:

When you arrive at Kokorokon to pick up your badge you can decide between two teams to be on; Dawn or Dusk.


Once you have chosen your team you will be given a lanyard with the corresponding team color so you can show off your team pride!

If you came with friends you have the choice to stick together as a team or split up and go your separate ways to compete against each other! Ultimately the choice is yours.


Teams will compete throughout the weekend in active and non-active events starting after the opening ceremonies and the with the scavenger hunt.

Art by Dharc Art Studios


The winning team for that year will be announced during closing ceremonies on Sunday, so be sure to stick around to find out who won! 


The schedule for all Team Events is shared below and in your convention booklet.

Friday Team Events

Tug of War!

On your mark! Get set! Pull!! Whether you are by yourself or playing with friends, come line up with teammates and pull the opposing team over the line. Help win points for your team! We are all here for fun but who wouldn't like to compete against their friends?

Spaghetti Legos

Now this game shall be less physical, but you may wanna think more, working with your team the goal is to build the tallest and sturdiest tower, now if it falls you and your mates are out. May the best team win!

Name that Tune!

Have you ever gotten a song stuck in your head? Well, so have we! In this game the goal is correctly guess the song after listening to it for 10 seconds. Guess wrong and the other team can steal the points.

Saturday Team Events

Dodgeball (Back by popular demand)

Who doesn't like a little dodgeball right? come on then, plenty of fun to be had here! Once the whistle blows take off running towards the middle in attempts to take control of one of the spheres of doom!


Knock the opposing team out of the game to take your team to the championship rounds. Best out of three take home the most points for their team.

Capture the flag 

This is where it gets tricky. With this game you will have to be fast and quick with your eyes, as the goal of this game is to take the opposing team's flag without getting tagged. If you get tagged, you are out. First team to take the enemies flag and cross the border wins!

Koko against humanity 18+

This one is for those big kids who like card games! You must work together with your team to pick the best card to answer the prompt! Best card wins!

Apples to Apples

Now you get to work harder as a team! With this card game each person from your team will have a card, and you must get together with your teammates and agree on the best card to go with the prompt!

Sunday Team Events

Red Light! Green Light!

Have you ever played Red light green light? No? that's okay its fun and easy. Starting on the line the goal is to make it across the field by either walking or running but there is a catch, the team leaders will be calling red light that's when you stop. But if you are caught moving you are out, pretty straight forward, right? Come and join the fun!

Picture This!

Study and draw! With this team event you will only have 30 seconds to memorize the photo! Then it's time to put your drawing skills to the test! Best photo wins!

Did you enjoy Team Events?

Let us know! If you attended any Team Events and will provide some feedback we would like to hear your thoughts. By completing the feedback form after Kokorokon you'll also be entered for a chance to win a free badge to Kokorokon 2024!

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