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Welcome to Team Events! Here you will find yourself faced with challenges testing your physical attributes as well as your intellectual stamina. You and your team must band together and combine your skills to overcome these challenges!


You have the chance to earn points for your team at each event as you compete for head to head with your opposing teams. Another way to earn points for your team is in the Scavenger Hunt! The hunt will challenge your detective skills and your creativity in the nearly one hundred diverse missions! Are you up for the challenges ahead?


Find out more about our scavenger hunt here!

How to choose a team:

When you arrive at Kokorokon to pick up your badge you can decide between two teams to be on; Dawn or Dusk. Once you have chosen your team you will be given a lanyard with the corresponding team so you can show off your team pride! If you came with friends you have the choice to stick together as a team or split up and go your separate ways to compete against each other! Ultimately the choice is yours.


Teams will compete throughout the weekend starting after the opening ceremonies in four events and the scavenger hunt, with the winning team being announced during closing ceremonies on Sunday. Be sure to check the schedule in the guidebook to see when and where all the Team Events will take place, or stop ConOps to get more information!


Once the winning team has been announced those in attendance at closing ceremonies for that winning team color will be welcomed up on stage to have a team photo taken!


Art by Dharc Art Studios