Tablet: iPad 9.7.

Software: Clip Studio Paint.

Favorite Animal: Pigrabbit.

Hello, I'm "Loona" a Latinx anime artist. My art alias is "chibiheartmoon".

I specialize in chibi art styles. Art is one of my favorite hobbies aside from playing video games, I also like to meditate & garden. In the future, I hope to create LGBTA+ friendly webcomics.

My twin sister is also an artist (scyllabearart) and my best friend mahououjiart.

I would also like to shout out to my artist friends macymayart, MarshmallowSai, and princecurrybread.


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My name is Macy May and I've been a digital artist for about 13 years now.

I'm currently 24 years old with an associate's in Art and Design. I

may further my degree in the future, but at the moment I am taking a break from school. 

My hobbies are drawing, cosplaying, trying new foods, and hanging out with my friends. I'm so excited to be working with a few artist friends of mine for this year's convention!

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Squink Arts

Hello! My name is Squink!
I started out doing character artwork through Etsy in 2019! I’ve been drawing traditionally since I could hold a pen, and moved to digital art 5 years ago.

I enjoy playing video games and watching animated shows in my free time, and am currently studying in the animation and game development field.
I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Kokorokon!

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Etsy @ SquinkArts!


Adjectives: legendary, graceful, vibrant, well-loved & respectful

Appearance Details: This koi/human is named Hana, meaning happiness or flower. Seen as a young beautiful woman accompanied by her koi familiars. She has the ability to possess power over fresh water signified by a faint, illuminated blue glow around her when its being used. Equipped with minor abilities of healing and charms for relaxation. She's always assisting those who ask both wildlife and humans alike. 

Hana and her koi familiars are often seen caring and watching over others who share the water with them. 

She has lovely, soft, auburn hair - symbolizing strength and power. She is seen wearing a dress literred with scales that grants her great speed and nimbleness

Age: 18
Height: 5'2"
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Brown
Gender: Female

Magical Abilities: Power over fresh water (illuminated blue glow), healing and charms for relaxation
Familiar: Koi fish

Lore: In Central China, 500 BC, a huge school of golden koi fish are seen swimming upstream the Yellow River. The continuous, long journey has given them strength endured by their efforts. The koi find themselves neraring a Grand Waterfall near the end of the river. Many koi decide to turn back letting the flow carry them away. Few koi are seen leaping from the depths of the river up the waterfall but keep failing. Nearby demons can be seen laughing at the koi and mock them for their wasted efforts. Hundreds of years pass, one koi has prevaled and reached the top of the Grand Waterfall. The Gods recognized the koi for its efforts, determination and preservance and transformed it into a vibrant, beautiful young woman - the image of love & respect; created to venture the world delivering guidance, keeping the legend of her people alive and lending her strength and power to those in need. 

Hair Color:
Eye Color:

Magical Abilities:

More information soon!

Hair Color:
Eye Color:

Magical Abilities:

More information soon!


The tortoise named Kompira San.  The immortal protected the island of Ishigaki and its sea-faring people for thousands of years by growing in strength, size, and force proportional to all adversaries.  Kompira San’s connection with the Ishigaki grew from the oneness and heart demonstrated daily by the seafarers towards each other and the island.  So many years of security granted the Ishigaki increased wealth and access to luxuries due to their immense trade and goodwill towards all newcomers.  Unfortunately the peace, selflessness, and time spent enjoying and protecting the island’s wonders likewise decreased.  The confidence they had in themselves and each other was replaced with skepticism and anxiety.  The time they spent in meditation or immersed in the warm embrace of the sea’s waves was consumed by the gluttonous pursuit of excess at any cost, hoarding, and waste.  Kompira San could no longer see serving a people who only saw fit to serve themselves so he shrank himself down and trudged slowly throughout the island daily, hoping that the connection between the Ishigaki and thus himself, would sprout again before it was too late.


One day while munching on a tasty prickly pear, Kompira San saw a young boy named Kawa protecting a child much younger and smaller than himself from getting bullied by a group of schoolmates by throwing himself over the top of the lad while the children punched and kicked at his back and sides.  No matter how fierce the attacks, Kawa kept himself between the constant rain of blows and the innocent he protected.  The children soon grew frustrated and left, but nonetheless, Kompira San took notice as perhaps there was hope for the lost Ishigaki yet.


The next time he saw Kawa, he'd convinced the same children to help him clean the littered beach in front of the old widow's hut so that she could go check her traps for seafood.  The widow had no money to give, instead fashioning clothes for the youth from vines they found and a warm meal with the extra bounty from her day's catch.  This also caught Kompira San's glance as finally the spirit of community sparked by the embers of Kawa's kindness had begun to alight in the heart of others.

Age: (appears to be) 18-20
Hair Color: Black with Purple
Eye Color: Turquoise Blue
Gender: Genderqueer (NB)

Magical Abilities: Foresight, Strength, Conjure Purple Flames (cold, not hot)
Familiar: Small Purple Dragon (flight, purple flames, quick heal)

Appearance Details: They are femininate and masculine in many different ways as their clothing style varies. What you see is their typical OOTD. One ear piercing on the left ear.

Interests: Music, Art (painting), going to concerts, cosplay, and hanging with friends.


Virgo. Can go from being the life of the party to more reserved and quiet, often times the latter. 

A loyal friend, a symbol of strength to those in need of a hero.

The Dragon companion (Named Scarf) accompanies Skylar pretty much everywhere, but is often invisible and only noticable by those who look for the semi transparent 'scales' that will appear on Skylar's neck like a tattoo.

When Skylar uses their magical abilities too much they become less intelligent (like sleep deprived) and in an extreme state of hunger followed by sleeping, often for days.


Questions for Skylar:

        Any character or design questions can be directed to Ari via Discord (Ari#5359). Original design is by MacyMayArt, an artist I've worked with for many, many years!