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Tablet: iPad 9.7.

Software: Clip Studio Paint.

Favorite Animal: Pigrabbit.

Hello, I'm "Loona" a Latinx anime artist. My art alias is "chibiheartmoon".

I specialize in chibi art styles. Art is one of my favorite hobbies aside from playing video games, I also like to meditate & garden. In the future, I hope to create LGBTA+ friendly webcomics.

My twin sister is also an artist (scyllabearart) and my best friend mahououjiart.

I would also like to shout out to my artist friends macymayart, MarshmallowSai, and princecurrybread.


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macy_by_macymayart_de8iubu-pre (1).jpg

My name is Macy May and I've been a digital artist for about 10+ years. My hobbies are drawing, cosplaying, trying new foods, and hanging out with my friends. I'm so excited to be working with more amazing artists on this year's convention!

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Squink Arts

Hello! My name is Squink!
I started out doing character artwork through Etsy in 2019! I’ve been drawing traditionally since I could hold a pen, and moved to digital art 5 years ago.

I enjoy playing video games and watching animated shows in my free time, and am currently studying in the animation and game development field.
I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Kokorokon!

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Etsy @ SquinkArts!


Trans artist who loves anime, art, games, and more!

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I'm Fumi and I am a kemono artist. I first began drawing anthropomorphic animals back in 2020 during the pandemic. I can draw humans too, but animals are more interesting! I love to watch anime, play video games, go on nature walks, and obviously draw. Very grateful to be given the opportunity to work with other creative artists.

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Fizzee Pop

Hi everyone, I'm Fizzee (Jess), I'm super excited for the opportunity to work with everyone! I adore drawing in anime/animation styles as well as fantasy art for TTRPGs and webcomics! Thanks for the opportunity again :3

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HappySmileGear aka KELPSEY

Hello! I am HappySmileGear but I usually go by Kelpsey! I have been making digital art for years and still love it! I also animate and paint traditionally as well! I love RPGs, sewing and collecting random musical instruments! Right now, I am living I South Korea, so my times are a bit strange. I am so excited to work with everyone!

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Old school DA:

Traditional art:


Adjectives: legendary, graceful, vibrant, well-loved & respectful

Appearance Details: This koi/human is named Hana, meaning happiness or flower. Seen as a young beautiful woman accompanied by her koi familiars. She has the ability to possess power over fresh water signified by a faint, illuminated blue glow around her when its being used. Equipped with minor abilities of healing and charms for relaxation. She's always assisting those who ask both wildlife and humans alike. 

Hana and her koi familiars are often seen caring and watching over others who share the water with them. 

She has lovely, soft, auburn hair - symbolizing strength and power. She is seen wearing a dress literred with scales that grants her great speed and nimbleness

Age: 18
Height: 5'2"
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Brown
Gender: Female

Magical Abilities: Power over fresh water (illuminated blue glow), healing and charms for relaxation
Familiar: Koi fish

Lore: In Central China, 500 BC, a huge school of golden koi fish are seen swimming upstream the Yellow River. The continuous, long journey has given them strength endured by their efforts. The koi find themselves nearing a Grand Waterfall near the end of the river.


Many koi decide to turn back letting the flow carry them away. Few koi are seen leaping from the depths of the river up the waterfall but keep failing. Nearby demons can be seen laughing at the koi and mock them for their wasted efforts. Hundreds of years pass, one koi has prevailed and reached the top of the Grand Waterfall.


The Gods recognized the koi for its efforts, determination and perseverance and transformed it into a vibrant, beautiful young woman - the image of love & respect; created to venture the world delivering guidance, keeping the legend of her people alive and lending her strength and power to those in need. 

Age: 24
Height: 5' 8"
Hair Color: Black with Purple
Eye Color: Turquoise Blue
Gender: Genderqueer (NB)
Magical Abilities: Foresight, Strength, Conjure Purple Flames (cold, not hot)
Familiar: Small Purple Dragon (flight, purple flames, quick heal)

Appearance Details: They are feminine and masculine in many different ways as their clothing style varies. What you see is their typical look. Skylar has a new piercing for every year the convention takes place, starting on their left ear.

Interests: Music, Art (painting), going to concerts, cosplay, and hanging with friends.


Skylar can go from being the life of the party to more reserved and quiet, oftentimes the latter. 

A loyal friend, a symbol of strength to those in need of a hero.

The Dragon familiar (Named Scarf) accompanies Skylar pretty much everywhere but is often invisible and only noticeable by those who look for the semi-transparent 'scales' that will appear on Skylar's neck like a tattoo.

When Skylar uses their magical abilities too much they become less intelligent (like sleep deprived) and in an extreme state of hunger followed by sleeping, often for days.

Age: 30
Height: 5' 10"
Hair Color: Brown with hints of gold
Eye Color: Blue
Gender: Male
Magical Abilities: Inspire (boosts everyone's “stats” around him), Keen senses
Familiar: A Lion named Koma

Appearance Details: Toned muscles (not bulky) Often seen wearing camo shorts.

Interests: Traveling, Exercise, Hunting, Cosplay, Hanging out with his pack (pride).

Birthday: July 27th, 1993


As a young boy Leon was very shy and awkward. His family liked to travel the world in hopes that Leon would open up to the world around him. One lazy afternoon when they were exploring the plains of Africa, the family decided to have lunch and a nap. While the parents slept in the back of the covered truck, Leon saw something shiny off in the distance.


Curiosity got the better of Leon and he decided to wander off while his parents slept. He walked for what felt like hours, until he came upon a cave entrance. Leon could still see the sparkling deep within the cave. It was dark, and Leon was afraid. He did not know what compelled him to keep moving forward, however Leon kept putting one foot in front of the other as if in a trance. In the depths of the cave as he approaches the source of the sparkling, Leon sees it.


There floating above a pedestal, a necklace with a crystal in the shape of some sort of cats eye. Almost as if Leon could not help himself he reached forward toward the crystal. As soon as the tip of Leons finger touched the crystal the necklace fell onto the pedestal, and Leon was bombarded by shadowy figures. The figures swirled around Leon and roared loudly enough to shake the cave. Leon screamed, but it was hopeless. There was no way anybody could hear him.


Just then the shadows pierced straight through Leon's body. It felt as if the shadows had pierced his very soul. Fear overwhelmed Leon, he couldn't move, he couldn't speak. All Leon could do was think of what gave him courage as he collapsed to the ground and his mind faded to black. Before Leon loses consciousness he feels something warm around his neck. It’s the necklace! The necklace emits a warm glow that makes the shadows roar and twist in place. The shadows crack and shatter, light pouring from them.


In an explosion of light a pride of lions stands where the shadows once were. “We have seen your heart and soul and see great potential as a leader in you.” one of the lions said. Leon stood up confused by what had just happened, and the talking lions in front of him. Before Leon could ask anything another lion spoke up, “Take our artifact so that we may train and guide you in this life.” Leon could feel magical power surge through him, and with it a new sense of confidence.


From that day forward Leon worked hard to not only better himself but those around him. Leon often helped people fight evil spirits of laziness and self doubt with the help of his lion familiar Koma (short for Komainu). In Leons community he is viewed as a protector and a leader. 

Age: 16
Height: 5' 2"
Hair Color:
Eye Color:

Magical Abilities:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:

Magical Abilities:
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